Monday, April 13, 2009

The 50 Most Powerful Blogs? Depends on Who You Are Asking.

In reading the article on the 50 most powerful blogs, I began to wonder how many of these I actually read and/or knew about. 

In the sad reality, I read only one: Perez Hilton. Why? Because I can't help but hate him and love him at the same time because he gives me the information on my favorite celebrities. I don't ever admit that I read his blogs to anyone because it's more embarrassing than cool.

As I read through the list of blogs, I began to realize that there is more to read about than  just celebrity gossip on the internet. There are snarky people out there talking about their everyday life. Also, there are a lot more fashion, humor, and political blogs to read that I might actually be interested in. 

This article gives you a good insight into good reading that won't cost you a trip to the library or bookstore, including gas.

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